Monday, August 22, 2011

A Big Shout Out To JRD !!

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Hey Ya'll,

Well, I checked back into my blog and found that JRD has joined me too!!  And guess what????  JRD's Surgery date is the same as Cece's!!!  What a coincidence!!  Both of my newest Follower's that started to Follow me on the same day, has the same Surgery date!!  Yea guys!!

So like I said in Cece's welcome, JRD was Banded on July 21st, 2011!!  And she has already lost 15.2 lbs!  Go JRD!!  So if you haven't found JRD yet (and Amy W has, so if you haven't, you are way behind!!  LOL), then follow this link: Canuck BANDit Musings, to her blog and give JRD the love and support we are so good at giving each other!! So....JRD, "Welcome to my Nightmare!"

Aloha My New Friend  :)


JRD said...

YAY! Thank you SO much!!! I am so glad to have found you, and thank you SO much for the shout out...part of this journey is about the support system found in this community of bloggers, and I am so grateful!! I love all my followers, and the feeling of being on the path with so many awesome women makes my day! Hope you're having an amazing day!!

Debi said...

You're welcome JRD!! And you are right, everyone here in blogland has always been so supportive of each other.

Cece said...

I love it that JRD and I have the same surgery date. I was hoping to find someone to share the date with :) I'm so corny like that !

Debi said...

That's right, it is always nice to have someone else you can communicate with that was banded really close to you.

I have another bander that was banded the day after me. Of course, she is doing so much better!!! LOL