Friday, August 12, 2011

Thanks Jen For My Button!!

Hey Ya'll,

I just wanted to make a quick post to say THANK YOU to Jen from Jen's Lap Band Journey, and Just Foolin Blog Designs!!  She made this beautiful Button for my blog.  I pretty much left it up to her as to what it entailed.  And I Love It!!  Again, thanks Jen!!

Tomorrow morning I have to wake up early (at least early for me, like 7:30-8:00, remember that I don't go to bed early) so that I can drive Walt to get his first Colonoscopy!!  Lucky Walt....I do know what he will be going through, since I have gone through two so far myself!  LOL  The biggest problem is that he hasn't been able to eat since last night, and he is the type that gets a horrible headache if he doesn't eat at regular he has been a bit of a Bear least I will be able to take him to eat lunch afterwards (assuming he feels up to it)!!  I will post more later....till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Lana said...

I love your button!!! I want one! I tried to make one a few weeks ago....brain freeze!!! Just could not do it. I'm completely lost when it comes to making those cool buttons!
Hope the 'procedure' was easy! :)

Debi said...

Thanks Lana! I couldn't figure out how to do the Button either so I contacted Jen...she is fantastic!!

We are getting ready to leave now for the procedure, so I will let everyone know about it later!! LOL

Dinnerland said...

I hear you on the colonoscopy prep-- poor Walt.

Debi said...

Hi Vanessa!! Long time no hear?? LOL Yes, I totally agree that the prep for the Colonoscopy is the worst part....and we got the results back, and although he had 3 small Polyps, they were all benign, so yea!!!