Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What A Night!! And A Note To Jennifer/A Southern Girls Journey

Cabana Beach Collage I

Hey Ya'll,

I just finished cleaning our patio furniture for the Summer Season!!  What a task!  I didn't bother to put the covers on the furniture like I usually do and even though they were under the Patio Cover, we still get a lot of winds, etc and they were filthy.  I had to vacuum all of the cushions, and clean all of the Wrought Iron Chairs.  We have two sets of furniture, so I had to clean 8 Chairs/Cushions and the Swing Cushions.  This only took me about 2-3 hours!!

The next thing I need to do is power spray the concrete in the backyard and the front.  This usually takes about 2 hours for each the front and the back!!  So I will break these up between 2 nights.  So once I finish these tasks, we will be ready for our last Summer Season in the house, before we move out into a 5th Wheel.

So now on to my comment to Jennifer, from A Southern Girls Journey.  I have been trying to read your blog and CAN'T!!  I can see the Post Title, and the amount of Comments you have, etc, but I cannot read or see any words of your Posts, nor can I see any of the Comments.  I can see the amount of space that the Post or Comments took up, but Not The Words!!  Help!  Is it just me?  Or is others having problems too!!  I can read everyone else's blogs.  Yours is the only one that I have this problem with.  I hope this gets taken care of, I miss reading your blog!

Well, now that I have posted about my exciting night, and let Jennifer know of my problem reading her blog, I guess I will go for now.  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Anonymous said...

I am not sure why you can't see it. The new background makes the screen black for a second but then it changes over for most everyone else. I will see about changing it this evening (it takes me a while to make a decision) thanks for letting me know.

Debi said...

Thanks for your quick response. I hope I am not causing you any trouble!! But like you said, the background is black. And that is all that I see, all black!!

Pie said...

Oh man, a summer lounging on luxurious patio furniture!! Sounds like my idea of heaven!

Debi said...

Yes it is, but this will be the last Summer being able to use the outdoor furniture, as we will have to give away all of it at the end of Summer, in order for us to be able to downsize to the 5th Wheel!!