Friday, June 25, 2010

A Big Shout Out To Jenny !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I just checked in a saw that I had a new Follower!!  Her name is Jenny and she is sharing a blog along with her Sister Maree.  They were banded together, and only 6 days before me!!  So we are practically banding buddies!!  Maree has already been Following me, and I have been Following them as well. 

Their blog link is: Sister's Banded Together.  And what really makes me sick, is...they have both almost reached their goal weight already!!  I am so jealous!!  LOL  Jenny has already lost over 51 lbs since November 2009!!!  You go girl!!  And Maree has lost over 46 lbs!!  Not shabby either!!  LOL  Can we switch numbers??  So Jenny..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Debi, I just thought of something. You should be able to read my blog in google reader. Just go to your dashboard and click on google reader and it will show up there. Sorry the background is still an issue.

Band Groupie said...

Hey Debi! Hope all is going well. Pass the book along in the sisterhood. It was an easy fun only complaint was that I didn't learn anything about WL, but I think that was just my expectation problem as it was not meant to be. Enjoy!

Maree said...

Hi Debi (band buddy!) - thanks for mentioning our blog! One of the things I've learned reading so many blogs is how much variation there is in rates of loss - we'll all get there in the end but we each have our own path to get to goal! Hang in there.

Debi said...

Thanks Maree!! You two are doing so well, and I am still in a slump, but I also realize that it is mostly my own fault. I am getting ready to kick my self in the Butt!!

Jenny said...

Hi Debi... I have finally got myself organised to officially follow some of my favourite bloggers and band buddies! Thanks for your support an encouragement! It is great to have Maree on the journey at the same time as me... and no matter how well we are going I think we all wish it was even faster. I feel I have been going really slowly for a while now but I guess we just have to see the big picture. I'm going to try to kick the "treats" for a few weeks and see if I can move it along a bit faster. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Jenny

Debi said...

Thanks Jenny! But you are doing much better than I am!! You were only banded a week before me, and you have already lost at least 11 lbs more than me!! So keep up the great work!!