Monday, June 28, 2010


 Wish I were here!!

Hey Ya'll,

 Sorry that it has been a while since my last post.  As usual, I have been BUSY!!  What can I say, my Walt doesn't believe in idle time.  If he thinks that I don't have enough to do, he will find something (or make up something) else for me to do!!  But just to be sure, he usually has me working on at least 2-4 different things at once!!  He just checked in to my blog to see what I had posted lately, and said"you haven't been blogging".  Well unfortunately, I can only do so many things at one time!!  So the blogging has been in neutral for awhile!  LOL

I have been in contact with 3 of our blogging friends, here on the West Coast.  And there is a possibility that Walt and I may get to meet up with them on our Vacation in late September!!  We will be riding the Bike up I-5 through Northern California, on our way up to Portland, Oregon.  We will be staying overnight in Medford, Oregon.

So if there is anyone living in or around that area, that I have not already been in contact with, who would be interested in getting together.  Please leave a comment or email me.  My email address is on my blog page.  I would love to provide the actual dates that we will be going through the area.  Then we could discuss whether or not Walt and I could stop for a visit where you live, if you would not be able to meet up in Medford.  But who knows, maybe we could pull together a mini pre-Chicago get together dinner or something in Medford!!

Now for the PAIN that I mentioned in my blog Title.  I am hoping that you, my fellow bandster's, can give me a heads up on what I experienced tonight.  I am suspecting a Gallbladder Attack, but I do not want to jump to conclusions unnecessarily.  But since I know that many of you have had this same issue, several in the past several months, in fact, I thought that who better to ask than someone who has gone through it!!

First let me say, that Gallbladder Disease runs in my family.  My Mother, Sister and my Niece have all had to have their Gallbladder's removed.  And this is just from my immediate family!  My Niece is the most recent family member to fall victim to the nasty Gallbladder Disease!  She is the Niece that just had her first baby on March 13th, and she just turned 20 on June 13th.  In fact, now that I think about it, she had to have her Gallbladder removed on June 12th the day before her 20th Birthday!!  Wow!

Now, on to the pain.  I have been having these pains periodically for a while now, but they never lasted too long or got to be too severe, so I blew them off as a bad case of Heart Burn or something (of course in the back of my mind, I thought about the possibility of Gallbladder issues, but didn't want to dwell on that possibility).

But tonight it felt different, more painful than the past incidents.  Once the pain started, it continued to get worse until I could only press my hands into the area trying to ease the pain.  The pain was located just below the Rib Cage, and was located mostly in the central area and over to the right side.  It also began to radiate through to the Back.  The pain lasted for about 2 hours, then it finally appeared to start easing up.  So I thought it was passing.  But then...before I could start breathing easy again, it started again, but the second round was worse!!  It hurt to even breath.

Walt even began to be concerned once he realized that the pain was real and lasting for so long.  I took some Vicodin for the pain, and finally after about 30 minutes, the Vicodin took the edge off the pain.  So Walt told me that since the Vicodin helped (and right now, I am pain free!!), if the pain continues through to tomorrow, then we will go to the Doctor.  Otherwise, we will keep our eyes on it and see if it returns, etc.

Oh!  And I don't know if this means anything, but I read on a site that talked about Gallbladder Attack Symptoms a strange symptom, that I have been having, but I figured that my skin was just getting dry.  The site stated: "If you also have itching and yellowing of the skin and eyes, please see your medical doctor immediately"I have not noticed yellowing of the skin and eyes (but then, I haven't been looking at myself much either), but I have been itching a LOT lately, and mostly across the upper area below the Breasts where my pain was tonight!!  Until the Vicodin kicked in, the pain lasted for about 3 hours.
So, for those of you with first hand knowledge of this.  Am I being paranoid?  Or could this be the start of Gallbladder problems for me too?  If you believe this to be the case, how long did those of you who have had Gallbladder issues, wait to go see a Doctor?  And looking back, if you didn't go to a Doctor immediately, meaning during/after your first big attack, do you wish that you had?

Well, I better go for now, I had intended to write a different post tonight, but this seemed to be the one that needed to be written at this time.  I will be sitting on pins and needles to (hopefully)  read your comments regarding this.  I hope that everyone had a great weekend!!  

Aloha My Friends  :)


Lonicera said...

Debi - let me say straight off that I don't have experience of these things, and I'm sure there will be plenty of bandits who will, but apart from asking you whether your sure it's not the lapband's port which has moved to where it shouldn't (just take a look at Bunny's experiences on I feel strongly that you should go to your doctor straight away in any case. Pain should never be left unattended. Keep us up to date how you are?

Ashley said...

I would see a doctor. It really can't hurt.

Band Groupie said...

Yep, sounds like GB...get in for the ultrasound/pic thing as they can see the stones/sludge easily and determine if this is it. Don't wait...if you need Vicodin then you could have stones moving through the bile duct...if that gets 'clogged' you can cause all kinds of don't want this to turn into Pancreatitis (sp?) as that would be much worse to treat. Call now...please ;-)

THE DASH! said...

I have to say, having had surgery many years ago to have my gall bladder out(years before I was banded,) it does sound suspect. So sorry Deb if it is your GB. I still remember the waves of pain - terrible, and they would radiate into my back, lasting for hours.. Get into the doc asap.. seriously, don't muck around with it. xxx

Robin said...

I had one bout of gb pain and that was more than enough for me. I was thrilled that my surgeon could get me in just two days post attack (attack on Tuesday p.m., surgery Thursday a.m.). I was not having another one of those.

Yes, that sounds like gb to me!

Take care of yourself!

Kathy said...

I had the same symptoms on Christmas Day last winter. I had to leave our friends home before dinner was served because the pain was so intense. I didn't try to take anything for it because I knew whatever it was, it wasn't something to take lightly. I went to the emergency room of our local hospital. They took me right in and took a CATScan and then the ultrasound. They gave me morphine for the pain and that only lessened it a bit. They kept me there and the next morning I had my gallbladder removed. I think I am the only one in my family to have had this problem but the surgery was a piece of cake and I recovered quickly. Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.

Debi said...

Thanks guys! Since I didn't go to bed until about 4:30 this morning (didn't actually get to sleep until after 5:30) and Walt gets up early, he read your comments before I did.

Your comments plus the pain I was in last night, made him decide to call our Doctor and make an appointment this morning for tomorrow afternoon! So I will be seen tomorrow. I will definitely let you know if it was indeed the GB or not!!

Thank you for your quick response to my questions! Our blogging community is the best!


Nella said...

I have had similar pain but not so strong...I have an appointment for an ultrasound on the 13th! Keep us posted....Take care!

Debi said...

Thanks Nella! I will, and keep us posted on your appointment too!

amandakiska said...

Hi Debi,

I live in Eugene, Oregon and I would LOVE to meet you and some of the other Oregonian Bansters. My email is Keep me posted!