Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Is D Day For Walt!! Wish Us Luck!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, tomorrow morning (Friday), we head back to San Francisco for Walt's Transrectal Ultrasound.  Yes, is sounds like a blast, don't you think??  This will be the most invasive procedure that he has ever had to undergo (isn't he lucky?).  Now try being a woman and see how many uncomfortable procedures you have to go through!!  LOL

We will be leaving around 9 ish as you never know what the traffic will be like driving there.  His Ultrasound is scheduled for 12 noon or 12:30.  We have to arrive at least an hour early so he can prep with the Enema.  Then we have to wait around for his second appointment with the Urologist Specialist which is at 3 pm.  We are hoping to have at least some preliminary results, if not "The Results" at this time.

Once we are out of these appointments, we will then take a breather and go eat some dinner and waste a little time until it is easier to drive home.  As trying to drive out of the City on a Friday evening is ridiculous!!  I will try to remember to take my camera this time though, so I can take some pictures if the opportunity is there. 

So please keep Walt in your thoughts, I will post how it went, hopefully this weekend. 

And in honor of Father's Day, I am posting a photo of my immediate family.  This photo was taken at my Dad's 74th Birthday swim party in our backyard, August of 08.  Of course my DAD is sitting on the swing, I am standing behind my Dad with the short hair, my Brother, SIL and Nephew are standing to my right, my Sister, BIL, and my Niece's Sig other is standing to my left.  My Mom is sitting next to my Dad, of course, and my Niece and her Son are sitting to my Dad's left.

Everyone have a great weekend and a great Father's Day!! 

Aloha My Friends  :)


Lonicera said...

Hi Debi - just to wish you both lots of luck. Loved the picture, when you click on it to see it nice and big. My eyes are drawn longingly to that beautiful pool too!!

Fiona said...

You will be on your way home by the time you read this so I hope everything went well for you and Walt today. I have everything crossed that he will be ok. You have such a lovely family. Mine is so small we would just about fill the swing :-)
Just wanted to say you are in my thoughts and I am sending you big hugs xxxxx

-Grace- said...

I hope it goes well and they get to the root of the issues he's having. Have a great weekend, hun!

Joey said...

Best of luck!!
Good vibes to you and Walt!

Carmen said...

i hope everything goes fine!!

Stephanie said...

All my good luck is being sent your way!!

Bonnie said...

Walt and you are in my thoughts. Hoping all goes well.

Barbara said...

Good Luck to Walt.. be well and travel safely

Nella said...

Always in my thoughts!
Happy Day!

Sandy Lee said...

Sending out the most positive of thoughts for you and Walt.