Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm Back!! LOL

Hey Ya'll,

First off, I want to apologize for not having many photos in my posts lately.  I am not sure what is wrong, but I am having troubles with my iPhoto.  I haven't even been able to upload the photos from my vacation yet....Hopefully this will be fixed soon....I hate to be without photos.  I feel that they brighten the blog up.

Well, I am back home from my vacation to New Hampshire, Salem and Boston.  But so much has been happening!!  Too much to go into tonight, but I do want to say that I had a great time visiting my friend Kelly!  And we got to spend the last 2 nights together in Salem without her family, so we got to really chat it up!!  And no....we didn't run out of things to say!!  LOL

I returned on Saturday the 29th of September (very late), and I started running towards my goal of getting my Gastric Bypass approved on Monday, October 1st.  I had to attend a Group Support Meeting as one of my Surgeon's requirements for Surgery.  I didn't learn anything I didn't already know, especially since I had already attended this meeting back in 2009!  In fact, I probably knew more than most there, other than the Nutritionist, the moderator, and a couple of post Surgery patients that were there in support of their friends getting ready for Surgery!!  Oh well, it is a hoop that was required, and I did it!!

I have also attended my appointment with the Nutritionist, did my Psych Evaluation, and did my pre Surgery request testing of the RMR Study, and H Pylori test.  The H Pylori test came back negative, which is a good thing.  But my RMR Study came back showing me in the ultra high range....there was something wrong with this picture!!  LOL (if I were really burning calories at that rate (essentially sitting still doing absolutely nothing), then I would be a toothpick, not a lump of....!!)).  It should have shown me to be in the low range!!  And the Nutritionist agreed. 

She looked up my results from the 2009 Study, and I was almost the same exact weight, and it proved that I was 8 percent below normal.  So luckily, since I am just about the same weight wise, etc, she is going to assume I am the same, and not make me redo the test!!  Especially since, I had had 2 Spinal Epidural Injections the day before, and I hadn't slept the whole night due to pain in the Legs, and a bad Headache.  So she is assuming that that could have effected my test results as well!

And after asking my PCP Doctor to send over her Letter Of Support to my Surgeon twice...I asked my Patient Advocate to request the Letter as well.  He is aware that I only have one more step to complete, then they can send off for Surgery approval.  But if her Letter wasn't received, it would of course hold this process up.  So he called their office and requested the Letter of Support, telling her that this is all we need to request Surgery approval, so she was holding us up!!

So yesterday, I got a call letting me know that they had faxed the Letter over....thank GOD!!  So my last step is to attend a Back To Basics Class on Wednesday next week.  Then I am going to push them to send off for the Surgery approval the NEXT DAY!!  LOL.  I need this to happen asap, as I want the Surgery to be done before the end of the year.  So we need the approval asap so we can set the Surgery date!  My Surgeon will be gone at least part of November on Vacation.  So I need to make sure I can get my date, as he always has newbies wanting Surgery too!!  LOL  So if we can get this approved my the first week in November, I should be able to get my Surgery date in December....So please cross your Fingers and Toes that this all comes to pass!!  LOL 

And of course, once I get the approval and the date set, then I have more tests to do just prior to Surgery, as well as a couple more classes, which will be more extensive in how to eat after Surgery, etc. 

Well, I better go for now, I have so much left to do!  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends :)


adorkbl said...

Welcome home. Love the new look to your blog. :)

Debi said...

Thanks Adorkbl!! I will be posting more in the future, especially as I near my Surgery date! And I wanted something for Fall. The one that I really wanted, I couldn't I had to settle on this one. I like it, just not as much as the other one!! My next change will be for Christmas/New Year.