Monday, October 29, 2012

I Have My Surgery Date!!

This is a photo of me (duh!) on the left, and my friend Kelly on the right in Salem.

Hey Ya'll,

Well I am so excited about getting my Surgery date!  It is set for Tuesday December 18th.  And I am to check into the Hospital at 6 am with a Surgery time of 7:30....but then we all know how that can go!!  So 7:30....11:30, who knows!!  LOL

And I do have to endure the 4 week Pre Op Diet like I had to endure for my Lap Band Surgery like I expected.  Oh goody!!  But since I do intend to have Thanksgiving with my family this year, for reasons that I will list later, I will actually only be on the Diet for about 3 and a half weeks.  But I was supposed to be on it for 4 weeks that last time for my Lap Band Surgery, and I was only on it for 2 and a half weeks.  I was supposed to lose 11 lbs, and I lost 17 lbs.  So I feel I should be able to lose the 10 lbs they want me to lose this time! 

Now for the serious Parents.  As I have talked about in past posts, they are both in seriously bad health.   My Mom has been in serious pain for many years, and has so many Medical problems, including COPD, Liver, Stomach, Kidney, Heart, etc problems that I don't know how she is still living!!

And my Dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer earlier this year, and has been undergoing both Radiation and Chemo Treatments for months.  He is not doing well, and we are afraid that he may not make it through the Holidays.  So Walt and I drove down to Sacramento to visit with them this past weekend.  We were glad that we did as neither one looks well. 

So because they are both in such bad health, we have decided to spend Thanksgiving with them this year instead of Christmas (we usually spend one Holiday with my family, and the opposite with Walt's Mom here in Nevada).  So I plan on eating a normal meal with them and enjoy the time we are with them.  Then when we return home, I will begin my "4 week Diet". 

So if ya'll could send good thoughts their way, my family will much appreciate it.

Also what worries us, is that they have been raising my Sister's Grandson (their Great Grandson from birth).  He is now 10 years old, and is in a very bad stage.  He has been playing with fire and whatever he can get his hands on!!  In fact, we found out that in September, he almost burned down their home!!  They live in a Mobile Home, and were in bed taking a nap.  Luckily my Dad woke up and smelt smoke, so my Mom went to check on it and found the whole house was engulfed in smoke! 

She found Charlie in the Living Room, running back and forth between the kitchen and living room with a glass of water, trying to put out the fire that he had set in a large plastic tub!!  My Mom managed to pull it out of the house, and turned the hose on it putting out the fire!!  Everyone talked to him, and tried to explain to him how dangerous this was, and that Mobile Homes especially would burn to the ground extremely fast.  If my Dad hadn't woke up, they would have been trapped in the back bedroom without a way of escape and died!!  And as usual, Charlie acted as if it were nothing! 

While we were there this weekend, he came into the living room where we all were, and he literally reeked of Chlorine!!  We tried to tell him how dangerous messing with Chlorine is, and it just went in one ear and out the other....I don't know which will kill them first, their illnesses or HIM!!  And my Sister tries to get my Dad to let her take him to stay with her, but he refuses.  And he is so adamant about this "child" staying with them, that we feel if we force the issue, and take him out of their home, it will kill my Dad. 

We are just hopeful that once my Dad goes, that my Mom will listen to reason and let my Sister take her Grandson to live with her.  This "child" is on Medications for ADHD, etc, and my Mom can barely stand up, so there is no way that she will be able to control him alone.  My Dad does it with his voice, and the fact that Charlie adores my Dad.  He just does whatever he can to get attention.

So on top of worrying about them and their health problems, now we have to seriously worry about Charlie killing them before their time!!  Please pray for them, and send good thoughts their way!!

Well, I better go for now, I have promised Walt to go to bed early tonight, so I will be in bed no later than 1am!!  But I have so much to do.  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends :) 

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Sarah said...

I am glad you got to spend this weekend together and are going to get to see them for the holiday.

I hope things with Charlie get resolved quickly.