Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Hey Ya'll,

I hope that everyone is/will have a great Christmas today.  We spent most of yesterday at my parents house, and had a really good time.  My whole immediate family was there, and my parents were really happy to see us all.  We had a really nice Christma dinner, but in the back of our minds, was the fact of knowing that this may very well be the last Christmas we spend with my parents....

My Mom's Doctor told her that she has a Bone Disease in the Head, and that she needs treatment, or she will go Deaf, as it involves the Bones above and around the Ears.  She has to either take a pill every day for the next 6 months, or an Infusion that will make her sick and/or give her bad Headaches for a couple of weeks.  Does this sound like Chemo to you?

My Dad's Doctor told him that he isn't doing well at all, and is running a lot of tests.  Mom said that it doesn't look good for him.  All along we thought that my Mom would go first, but my Dad may actually be worst off right now.  So please have good thoughts for my parents.

Merry Christmas,
Aloha My Friends


Lonicera said...

Hi Debi - hope you too have a good Christmas season. I know what it's like wondering if it's the last time you'll have Christmas with your patents, and you have to hide how you're feeling. very difficult, and I feel for you. Look forward to seeing more of your pictures!

Debi said...

Thanks Caroline, yes it is difficult being around them, knowing it probably is the last Christmas together. All we could do was pretend all was OK, and enjoy our time together.

We will be surprised if they make it to their next Birthday....

But as usual, my Daughter Christa outdid herself making sure the night was the best. Both Chrita and Walt did all the cooking, and Christa outdid herself making my favorite cake...German chocolate Cake (from scratch).

Sam said...

I hope your parents will be okay. Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy your time with them.

Debi said...

Thank you Sam! We did have a great time visiting with them. The whole family was there, as we are fairly certain that this will be their last, so none of us wanted to miss being with them.