Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas At Our Hawaiian Resort

I took this photo during one of the nights that we were there.  I wanted to take photos of a Sunset, and this was one of them!  I loved the way the Sun sent beams up into the Sky, behind the Clouds!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, my parents aren't doing well....but I wanted to do something to brighten up my blog, hoping to lift my spirits.  So....I changed my blog layout....yet again!!  I hope that you like it.  I changed it from the obvious Christmas look to one with Bears and Snow.  I am also going to keep this post short, as I just don't have it in me to post much right now, but I promise that I will post more later.

So here goes....being in Hawaii at Christmas time is really strange.  As everyone knows that it is Christmas, but it is so....WARM!  But they do try to at least bring some Christmas cheer in, by adding Christmas Lights and Christmas Trees, etc.  We were out shopping during our time there, and I couldn't get over how many females were walking around in the Winter Boots!  Like Uggs, etc!  I guess they figured that, it is Winter somewhere, so by God, they were going to wear their Winter Boots!  As it is the only time they can wear them and not look totally ridiculous!!  Although....being in Hawaii and wearing Winter Boots is a bit ridiculous if you ask me!! LOL  Oh, and while they were wearing their Winter Boots, they were wearing their Summer Shorts and T-Shirts!!  LOL  Go figure!

Today I rode the Bike an hour (each way) to watch the movie Breaking Dawn: Part 1, before it leaves the Theaters!  I was supposed to see it while in Sacramento, but our Daughter Kat (who loves the Twilight movies) worked the whole time we were there, and I didn't have the heart to remind her that she was going to go with me, as she wouldn't have had much sleep that night! 

I am going to end this now, I will be calling my parents tomorrow to get an update on them.  My Dad was supposed to go back to his Doctor today, to find out the results of his latest tests.  I am hoping that it isn't the worst....Of course, knowing him, even if it is, he will probably hide it from all of us as long as he can.  Just so we don't have to suffer too long worrying about him.  It's his way.  So till next are a few photos I took of some of the Christmas decorations at our Resort.  I hope that you like them.

Aloha My Friends  :)

This was the entrance to our Resort with Poinsettias surrounding it.

This was the wing of the Resort that our Suite was in.  Our Suite was in the left hand side of the wing that was a bit shorter, and our Suite was the 3rd from the top.

This is part of the main area where there were many couches, and chairs that you could sit in to view the gorgeous Christmas Tree!

And this is the same room, looking in the opposite direction.  If you enlarge the photo and look at the far end, you can see one of the most gorgeous Sunsets in the background!!

A closeup of the Christmas Tree.  I swear that I didn't intend for the photo to come out this way....but, the angle of the photo makes the Christmas Tree look like it is hanging from the Chandelier!!  What do you think??

And last but not least, a photo of some of the twinkling lights around the Palm Trees!  So pretty.


Lonicera said...

Beautiful pictures, what an amazing place.
So sad for you about your parents Debi, and both of them being unwell at the same time. You will keep us posted, won't you?

Cece said...

Sorry to hear about your parents but I love the pics ... really needed to see that beauty today so thank you !

Debi said...

Thank you Caroline, and yes, I will keep ya'll posted even though I am afraid that it will be Debbie downer posts coming up when I talk about my parents.

Thank you Cece, I understand, and yes I wanted to show something pretty as well as sharing something scary.

Sam said...

Lovely resort :o) and I had to lol about the winter boots!!! Here it is summer over Christmas so I can imagine what it must be like for you. It would be the same if I was to go north at this time of the year. Weird to be cold when I should be enjoying the sun :o)

Good luck with your mum and dad!

Debi said...

Sam, LOL!! Thanks for the reminder that we all don't live where Winter is at least a bit chilly, if not down right cold!! And thank you for the good wishes, we will need them!

Sheila said...

Just beautiful pictures!!! What a fun vacation.

Debi said...

Thanks Sheila!! I was glad to get to go back to Hawaii again, but I was praying every day that my parents didn't have any emergencies while we were gone, because I would have wanted to be here with them!!

When we were on vacation in Ireland in 2000, my Grandfather passed away. We cut the trip short, so that we could be back in time for the Funeral....

Andrea said...

The pictures are beautiful! Hope your parents are doing better!

Debi said...

Thanks Andrea, but I am afraid that my parents will never get any better, it is just a waiting game from now on!! :(