Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Simply Unbelievable!!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, except for last nights post, and saying welcome to a few new Followers, I haven't posted much lately.  In fact, I just checked, and it was June 3rd!!  I don't know what is wrong with me, except that we have been busy.

I have been researching our trip to Hawaii for this coming December.  And I must say that I found us a fantastic deal!!  I checked Each And Every Airline that flew out of Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco and Oakland to Honolulu, and found out that we could fly FIRST CLASS, PLUS pay for 2 weeks of Car Rental, AND stay at a Hotel the night before we fly out AND the night we return, for the price of flying First Class for just ONE of us, on all the "other" Airlines!!  So we took it! 

We love to fly First Class!!  I love boarding and being asked immediately if we want Champagne (even if I don't take it).....and it helps since Walt is 6'4", he hates flying Coach as it kills him to sit that long in such a confined space!!  So now we are flying First Class and have all the leg room we could want (well, we can never have all the leg room we could want, but you get the picture I'm sure).  Not to mention that we can take 2 large suitcases each without paying additional.....So we will probably purchase at least part of our Christmas gifts there in Hawaii.  We can do this, because we will be staying in a One Bedroom Suite with a full size washer and dryer, so we can take less clothes and wash them while we are there!

And the Simply Unbelievable Part of this post, is that I couldn't believe the huge range in Car Rental quotes for Hawaii.....Due to Walt being tall, we will not rent anything smaller than a Full size car, and I was quoted (for the same size car, and in fact, the same exact vehicle) from $335 to $900!!!!!  For the same exact Vehicle!!  So of course, I am renting the one for $335!!  LOL  I wasn't born yesterday.....or so I'm told!!  :)

And I was able to find a Hotel close to the Airport, that we can stay at the night before we leave, that we can leave our Truck at while we are gone for FREE.  Then once I did all my research, we contacted our friend Laurie who is a Travel Agent, to see what kind of deal she could get for us on the Airfare and Car Rental, expecting her to be able to beat my findings, and she couldn't touch the price I got for them!  She could get the Airline for the same price, but her contacts had us renting from the more expensive Car Rental Company.

So, this week both Walt and I are down in Sacramento, staying at our daughter Kat's house, since I haven't seen my family since April, and one of Walt's co-worker's is retiring, and I want to attend her Retirement Party too.....Walt is so jealous of Aggie's being able to Retire!  We drove down yesterday from Reno, and had lunch with our oldest daughter Christa and the Grand Kids, on our way to Kat's house.

Kat was off work today, so we drove all over town shopping!!  And she bought me lunch, which I was not expecting.  Normally I don't purchase anything on these shopping outings, especially clothes.  I am just around for the ride.  But I found a couple really cute tank tops on sale for myself, so I bought them to take to Hawaii.  And we found a Hawaiian print shirt for Walt.  It is hard to find him a new Hawaiian print shirt, that he doesn't already have, since he needs a shirt for a tall man!!  And he loves his Hawaiian shirts!!  Whats super funny is that when I bought him his first couple Hawaiian shirts, he rarely wore them.  Then we went on vacation with friends, and all the men were wearing them, so now that is all he wants to wear!!   Oh and by the way, Walt hates to see women in tank tops!!  He says that he doesn't care if a woman is in perfect condition, and only wears a size 2, he doesn't think that anyone should be wearing them.  Well.....guess what???  I am wearing them anyway (imagine tongue sticking out)!!

Tomorrow I will be driving over to have lunch with my Parents, and Christa and the Grand Kids!  I will be taking them to one of my favorite Mexican Restaurants, as I know that we can get in there early and get a good table to sit at, and they won't throw us out for talking too long!!  Plus, Mexican Food is my Mom's favorite food too!!  Then Thursday night is Aggie's Retirement Party!!  I made her something that I will give to her then.  I just hope that she likes it....but I am sure that she will.  She understands the time that it takes to make something from hand for someone, even if it isn't much.  We will miss her, but she is off to the Bay Area to take care of her own Grand Kids, which she is really looking for to.

Then we will head home on Friday morning, so that we can be back in Reno in time for Walt to ride the Bike and Trailer up to an acquaintance.  Our Bike Trailer needs some work done on it, and this guy has the proper machinery, and can do it on Friday.  But this guy lives about an hour North of Reno, so we need to get back early.  Once the Trailer is fixed, Walt can start riding the Bike back and forth to Sacramento each week.  I'm not sure if I am happy about this or not.  I am actually getting to like riding that big Bike!!  Especially the looks that I get!  People just can't believe that a short, fat woman is riding that big monster!! LOL  And I get waves from the other Bike riders too.....!!  Oh well, I will someday have my Cammy (Can Am Bike).

Well, I should go for now, I hope that everyone has a great hump day tomorrow....till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Cat said...

What a newsy catch up!

I cannot believe about the difference in car prices!! That's outrageous, good for you going for the least expensive!

Debi said...

Thanks Cat!! But I just can't see paying so much for the SAME CAR, just to get a more expensive Rental Company!! LOL

Ronnie said...

Can't believe what great deals you found! And super proud of you for buying some tank tops, it's a major NSV to actually see things you like in stores and actually be able to and WANT to buy them.

Debi said...

Thanks Ronnie!! I am one of "those" people that research things to death!! LOL So if there is a deal out there, I usually find it!!

And yes, I love to wear tank tops, but my Walt hates them!! Oh well....!