Monday, November 15, 2010

Woo Hoo!! My Faves Won In NHRA!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, I haven't posted in a few days again.  Like before, so much to do, so little time....We are edging closer to our move with each day.  We have decided to make our "Home State" Nevada.  We were going to make it South Dakota, but determined Nevada would be fine, at least for now.  So by next month, we should have setup our Permanent Residency there.

We have set a date for when we will be driving down to pick up our RV.  My next Fill appointment is set for December 15th.  So we will be driving up to Reno for the Fill, then driving down to Las Vegas for the night (don't worry, we never gamble,we just hate throwing our money away), plus we will be tired from all the driving, so we will just want to eat, settle down and go to sleep.  The next morning, we will continue on to Mesa to pick up the RV!!  We have never towed an RV before, so we will need all the advise and hopefully some lessons on the proper way to back up with it, etc that we can get from the Dealer. 

I'm sure Walt believes that he can do it, but when you have never towed anything major before, and now you are towing a 40' RV!!  Well, lets just say that this will be a new experience for both of us!  The dealer will also need to go through the entire RV with us to explain all of it to us, how to hook it up properly, & how to Set it up & take it down, etc.  It has 3 Slides we will have to deal with.  And because of this, we have decided to get extra supports to place under the main Slide, since it is so long and will have some of the heavier furniture in it.

When we leave Mesa, we don't want to drive all the way up to Northern California in one day!!  Thank God!  So we will attempt to make it up to Barstow, Ca before stopping for the night.  If we do make it there, we plan on visiting Calico Ghost Town and be tourists for the day.  Then heading home the next day.  Once we are home, we will begin loading it up almost immediately.  So that we can move it up to Carson City.  So I may be a resident of Carson City before the end of the year after all!!

Other than this....we are getting ready for our family Thanksgiving Dinner, to be held at our house for the last time....But since we have given most of our furniture away already, we don't have much in the way to sit on!!  We have also given our Kitchen Table & Chairs to my parents.  So the only "Tables" we have, are the ones outside!  I sure hope it isn't too cold...As for seating, we really only have the 2 Love Seats and a Chair & Ottoman left. 

Then, like I said, we have the outdoor seating.  I really hope that some of the others coming, remembers to bring their camp chairs, other wise there will not be enough seating for everyone!  Oh, and did I mention that there will probably be a minimum of 20 and possibly 28 or so coming?  Luckily, there are always those that stand, just because!  And...did I mention that my Mother In Law is planning on coming down from East of Carson City to spend 4-5 days with us????  The only place that we have for her to sleep now, is an old Air Mattress that has a small leak.  We have not determined where it is as yet, so here's hoping that we do before we need it!  In the past, she always slept on our Red Sofa which was really comfortable.

Now, for my big news!  If you have been following my blog for long, you know that I am a HUGE NHRA DRAG RACING FAN!!  Well, tonight was the final race of the 2010 Racing Season, and my 2 favorite Racers WON!!!  Larry Dixon won in Top Fuel.  This was his 3rd Championship.  And John Force won in Funny's.  This was his amazing 15th Championship!!  And did I mention that John Force is 61 yrs old???  Here are some photos of them.

This is Larry Dixon (sigh), sorry Sweetheart, but...(sigh).
This is after a Burn Out prior to the start of the race.
During the race in the daytime.  Flames not easily visible.

And this is his Top Fuel Dragster with Flames! 
His top speed to 1000 Feet is "only" 324.36 MPH!!!!  Think of it,
0 mph - 324.36 mph in only 1000 Feet!!!!
This is John Force
And John doing a Burn Out before the race

And this shows the fantastic FLAMES you can see after dark!!

Well, I guess I better go for now, till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Fiona said...

Well I feel tired just reading the above! What an adventurer you are? I really admire your stamina and determination to get all this done and deal with the band. I will be thinking of you and Walt and your extreme road trip as RV virgins. Good luck honey x

amandakiska said...

I can't believe you are hosting Thanksgiving! That sounds like a headache, but I understand wanting to do it one last time at that house.

I'm glad you found a trailer. I would suggest that you make sure YOU learn how to do everything too - haul it, set it up, the tip outs, etc.

Debi said...

Thank you Fiona! Yes, being RV Virgins will be a bit stressful! But once we get going, it should be easier!

Amanda, thanks, and you are right, I need to know how to do most of it too! As for Thanksgiving, except for the clean up, it isn't too bad this year, we are asking for others to help out by bringing something for the Dinner as well. I just hope we have enough seating!

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Oh MERCY, I need a nap after reading your blog today! You're having Thanksgiving for THAT many people?? Oh My!!

I will be keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that you get your home - and yourselves - safely moved to where you want to be!

And, WOOT WOOT for your Faves!!

Debi said...

Thanks Lisa!! I can use all the help I can get!