Monday, January 14, 2013

My Cousin Lisa found this photo of my Mom and Christa when she was a toddler while she was going through a huge box of photos at my Aunt Betty's!   Lisa is there visiting her as Betty is in the Hospital with Pneumonia.

Hey Ya'll,

Well, I found out that my daughter Kat visited with my parents on Sunday.  She was shocked at how much my dad has deteriorated in just a couple of weeks.  She said that he is now living in a Hospital Bed in their living room and is on Oxygen.  And she said that he doesn't look well at all.

So I am really glad that the weather is cooperating this week, so that I can drive down to Sacramento and visit with them.  I fear that this will be the last time that I see my dad alive....

So I am going to be there for 3 nights.  And I have a full schedule!!  My girls and grand kids want to spend as much time with me as they can.  So I will be having lunch with all of them on Wednesday, the day that I drive over.  Then after lunch, Christa and the grand kids will go over to my parents house with me, as she doesn't have a car, and can't see them as often as she would like to.  Kat has to work.

That night, I will go over to Christa's house for dinner with her family.  And then back to my Hotel room for some much needed sleep as I will probably be getting up at about 6 am that morning in order to be there in time to have lunch with the girls as Kat has to be to work by 2 pm.

Thursday, I will have lunch with Christa and the grand kids again, before I go over to my parents house.  Once Kat gets off work, she will pick up her husband, and I will meet them for dinner around 5:30-6 pm.  After dinner, Kat will take her husband home, and meet me at the theater to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II.  Since the movie will get out a bit late for Kat, she may just stay the night with me at the Hotel and go into work from there the next morning, as she has to be into work at 7 am and my Hotel is about 20 miles closer to her work than where she lives.

Friday I will meet up with Christa around 3-4 pm and we will take the grand kids over to her friends house so they can babysit them for us.  Christa wanted to spend some quality time alone with me.  So we will go see a movie and then have dinner.  After dinner she may stay the night with me as well.  But she will need to drive my car home early in the morning as her husband Mark has to go into an early morning job meeting.  Thank goodness I decided to book a double Queen room!!  LOL

One of Mark's co-workers died earlier in the week in the Bay Area.  Some of you may have seen the accident reported in the news.  His Big Rig went over the railing, and dropped down off the Freeway.  The Big Rig caught on fire, but some good Samaritans managed to pull him out of the Truck before he was burned.  Unfortunately, he died at the Hospital leaving a wife and several young children.  So they are having a meeting on Saturday morning to discuss the accident.  After the meeting, Christa will pick me up and we will all have lunch together before I have to drive home.  After lunch, they will be attending the Funeral Services for the co-worker.

So I will be seeing my parents Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I may stop by on my way out of town as well, just to say goodbye one more time, and let them know I am on my way home.

So I will be very busy this week!!  Tomorrow I will be doing about 10 loads of laundry and packing for my trip.  I also need to remember to make sure my washer fluid is many vehicles on a wet road splashing up dirty water....ugh!  And the fact that it will be freezing cold while I am driving over the Sierra's, I need to make sure that I have washer fluid that will clean the windows and not freeze when I use it!

I got a call from my PCP Doctor tonight, letting me know that she got my Lab results back (about $800 worth of Tests).  She said that my Liver Function is now normal....whew!  When I was in the Hospital ER the night that I was released after my RNY Surgery, it was sky high.  So she was happy about that.  My Hep C is negative....great!  My Cholesterol is much better.  The good Cholesterol is 165 and the Bad Cholesterol is 93.  So she says that I can go off my Cholesterol meds for now, we will recheck in 6 months.  The only thing that she is a little concerned about is my Potassium Levels.  I am at 3.4 and the low end of normal is 3.5.  So I am not too much below normal, but she is concerned.  But since I am not currently showing any symptoms like Leg Cramps, she said that we will watch it for now.  And if I do start to have Cramping, I am to call her right away.  I didn't tell her, but my mom has always had problems with her Potassium Levels as well....

Anyway, I better go for now, I have lots to do, and so little time to do it in.  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends :) 


Sam said...

Sorry to hear about your dad, I hope you have a great visit with him and the rest of your family!

Have a safe drive!

Debi said...

Thank you Sam! I am looking forward to seeing them all again. And I will drive very carefully!! LOL

I am not planning on taking Walt's Tablet, so I will not be able to access the Internet while I am gone. I will update next week.