Monday, January 7, 2013

I"m Back!!

It's a bit blurry because Walt's Mom took the photo and she was a bit shaky.  But this is Walt and I on Christmas Eve at the Fandango's Casino Buffet.  My first time eating out after my Gastric Bypass!

Hey Ya'll,

Just a real quick post to let you know that I am still Computer crashed a few weeks ago, or whenever my last post was.  It crashed the day after my last post.  We were afraid that it was truly gone....otherwise, the fix would cost so much that it would be less expensive to purchase a new computer!!

But luckily for me, it was an easy fix.  It just took a while....but we picked up the computer tonight.  I am just so thankful that I didn't lose all my data and photos!!

So, I am going to go for now, I will post a longer more detailed post of what is going on later.  So, till next time....

Aloha My Friends :)


DiZneDiVa said...

You look great.... I am so happy to be going through this new journey together.

Debi said...

Thank you Maria!! You did so well with the Band, that I know that you will be totally successful with the Bypass too! I can't wait to see you meet your goal!