Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update On New Car

Hey Ya'll,

Just a quick note to advise/update of information given in prior post.  Some of my friends that read my blog reminded me of this.  Those of you that have been reading my blog for a long time, may remember that we went through a Bankruptcy 2 years ago, and lost our home and my car.  So this is the reason that I am so excited.  I was terrified that they would not consider 2 years a long enough time to allow us to take out a loan or do a lease on a new vehicle.

And since I am no longer allowed to ride the Bike, I have had to rely on driving Walt's big Truck.  Well, I am only 5'3", and even with the side step, I still have to hoist myself up into it!  So it is not the easiest or most comfortable vehicle for me to try to drive.  Which is why I am so happy to have something smaller, that I can drive easier!  But I will still need to have side steps put on my car too!!

And yes, Caroline (Lonicera), it is a big car!  We originally were going to purchase me another CR-V, but when Walt saw the Pilot, that was what he wanted!  But to tell you the truth, although I loved my CR-V, the Pilot is more comfortable to ride in.  So Pilot it is!!  Oh, and the photo that I posted in my last post is not Walt, or our was just a photo that I pulled from the Honda website to give an idea of what it looks like to those that have not seen one.  So obviously, the Boat is not ours either!!  LOL  Although Walt wishes it were.... :)

So, I better go for now, I need to get going so I can accomplish all my running around, and get all my laundry done!

Till next time....

Aloha My Friends :)


Lonicera said...

I'm sure you've made the right decision Debi - I was admiring how roomy it is inside. As a child I used to love the idea of 'camping out' in the car with lots of mattresses, pillows and blankets...

Debi said...

Well....since in effect, Walt and I are full time RV'ers, I guess I consider myself as "camping" all the time!! LOL But it does have a lot of room, and if I have a lot of passengers, then I can raise the 3rd row seat!