Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July!! And New Car!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, it has been a while since I last posted, and I am still doing great following the Surgery to remove my Lap Band.  I go in on Friday morning for my 2 week checkup, and I fully anticipate him telling me that all is great, and I am released to do whatever!!  I know that Walt can't wait....LOL  Next week I begin my 4 wk Physical Therapy sessions for my lower Back.  We will see if the Physical Therapy helps, if not, then we will do the Lumbar MRI to determine if I need Back Surgery too.

Anyhoo, I hope that ya'll had a great day today!  Barbeques, swimming, Fireworks, etc.  I am sitting here at my desk, and I can literally hear the Fireworks being shot off at a nearby Casino in town!  I just wish that I could see them....Unfortunately, there is a large row of trees that blocks my view of the sky in the direction of the Fireworks.

Oh well, I can't complain....we bought me a new car today!! be precise, we leased a new car today!  We settled on a 3 yr lease, as Walt is still hopeful that he will get a job out of the Country, like Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, etc, etc, etc.  He probably would even consider the Middle East if the job was right.  So this way, if this should come to fruition, then we wouldn't have to worry about what to do with the car.  So at the end of 3 yrs, we will decide whether or not to keep the car and purchase it, or turn it in.

Oh, I guess you might like to know what we ended up buying???  We bought a Honda Pilot EX-L.  We were originally going to purchase the Pilot Touring model, but we decided that we could save at lease $4000 by taking the EX-L.  The main difference in the two models, is the Touring has the Rear Seat Entertainment System (which we would never use/we only used the one in my Expedition once!), and the Navigation System.  Which we really didn't need either.  So we feel that we got a great deal.  Oh and the color is a Medium Charcoal Gray!  Not my first choice, but it was my 2nd choice.  And we didn't want to wait to have to special order one!

So, we spent about 5 hours at the Dealership today, then came home and Walt grilled us a great Steak, with Corn on the Cob!  Delicious!  Well, it has been a long day, and tomorrow I have to return a couple of items to the store, and purchase my new car a new window shade, then come home and do about 10 loads of laundry!  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends!!  :)

Exterior Photo of 2012 Honda Pilot


Lonicera said...

Cor, that's a big car! You'll be able to sleep in it if you have to. Glad all's going well - look after yourself.

Debi said...

Thanks Caroline! Yes, we were originally going to buy another CR-V, but Walt loved the larger car since he is 6'4"....I am just glad that the lease went through because of our Bankruptcy 2 years ago!!