Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Walt's MRI...And Visiting Family

One of my two Best Friends and her Mother.  We were in Vegas!! 

Hey Ya'll,

Well, my Dad's last remaining Sister from Southern California, and one of my Cousins (a Daughter of his Deceased Sister) from Tennessee, flew into Sacramento on Wednesday.  It is becoming obvious that my Dad doesn't have long to live.  So they wanted to see him at least one more time.  Especially since it has been years since they have visited.  So I am really glad that they did.  My Aunt told me over the phone, that my Dad's right Hand is swelling up, and he can't even close or touch his fingers together anymore.  She also said that his coloring looks sort of grayish.  Nor does the Radiation Therapy appear to be helping him at all, at least in terms of Pain.

Walt and I wish that we could have gone down to visit with them all together, but I was just not ready to travel that far.  I still have to take a nap during the day in order to rest my Neck/Shoulders and Back.  So trying to drive close to 3 hours each way, is just not possible right now.   But we will try to get down there in a few weeks, when I am closer to being recovered and a bit stronger (and the pain Medication doesn't put me to sleep every time that I take it!).

When I was talking with my Aunt on the phone, I found out that my she is also battling Cancer!!  First I find out that my Cousin (not the that came out to visit) is in late stage Bone Cancer, then we find out that my Dad has Lung Cancer, and now my Aunt has Colon Cancer.  At least it will be Cancer soon, if it isn't already Cancer.  She is to have at least 12-13 inches of her Colon removed in a couple of weeks.  Originally she was supposed to have her Surgery the day before my Surgery.  But she said that they had to postpone it until her Heart Doctor, and Urologist can clear her for Surgery.  I think that she does have Cancer, she just put it out to sound like she MAY have Cancer, or IT COULD BECOME Cancer.  She doesn't want my Dad to worry about her too, he has his own health and my Cousin's to worry about....she is like this.  She would try to down play her own health to keep my Dad from worrying.  So now I have 3 members of my family battling Cancer all at the same time. 

I just had my Neck Fused all up, and once I recover from this Surgery, my Neurosurgeon Surgeon will start checking out my Lower Spine, to see if there is anything that he can do to help me there too.  I have lived with major pain in the Lower Back, Legs, and Feet for most of my life.  So I am really hoping that he will be able to give me some good news in that he can help me.

Then last week, Walt told me that he has been having pain and numbness in one of his Legs and both of his Feet....So I told him that he should get it checked out!  So he called and got an appointment with our PCP Doctor last week.  When he went in, she agreed to setup an MRI for him, and he went in for his MRI on Wednesday.  The Doctor called him Friday, and told him that it does appear that he has some Disc problems in his lower Spine as well. 

So she sent over a referral to my Neurosurgeon Surgeon, Dr Lynch.  We were hoping to hear from them last week, but they didn't call him until yesterday.  So now Walt has an appointment with Dr Lynch, to go over his MRI with him.  I want to be there with him when he goes in.  And luckily, his appointment is the same day as my 6 week check up!  So we will find out what Dr Lynch thinks of Walt's MRI, and I will find out if I get to take off my Cervical Collar the same day!! 

Also last week on Friday, we went into our Optometrist so that Walt could pick up his new glasses.  But while we were in there, he wanted to speak with the Dr regarding something that she said in his report.  I had asked for them when we had our appointments, and while reading them, noticed that she said something that led us to believe that he has Cataracts!  So when he asked her, she pulled up her notes, and said that yes, he is in the early stages of developing Cataracts....he just turned 57 yrs old.  We think that that is just a little early for this!  The Optometrist said that there isn't anything to do except watch them for now.  Walt wasn't too thrilled to hear this!

So....this is about all that has happened here in the last week.  I guess I should go, my Neck is starting to hurt.  And I actually started writing this post a few days ago, adding a bit here and there!!  So, till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)



Kiwigirl said...

What a tough time for you and your family health-wise. Sad to hear about your Dad. I hope you feel better soon. Hang in there!

Debi said...

Thank you KiwiGirl. I am feeling better all the time...