Monday, June 24, 2013

Quick Update And New Photos!!

Myself and the Grand Kids
Christa and I
Christa, Walker and I (Walker making a face!!  And he is growing a mustache (he will be 13 in September!!)
Christa, Emily and I
Christa and the kids
Hey Ya'll,

Well, I have been really busy lately.  I had my Back Surgery and have been doing really well!  Most of the pain that I had before has gone!  And now I am getting ready to have FAI Surgery on my right Hip.  And we are looking into whether or not I will need the same Surgery for my left Hip as well.  I am waiting to get approval for the MRI for the left Hip....I now that the left Hip has similar issues as the right Hip, and it looks like I have Bursitis in it as well.  The right Hip has Bone Spurs in both the Ball and Socket, with a Labral Tear as well that will have to be repaired....

And best of best friend Kelly from New Hampshire is coming out to be with me for the Surgery and 2 weeks after to help me out!!  I can't wait....She is coming out 2 days early so we can actually visit a bit before I go into Surgery.  And will stay until almost 3 weeks out.  That will help me a lot!  And having her here to talk to!  We rarely see each other.  We lost contact back in 1990, and I found her again back in 2009.  And since then, I have visited with her 2 times, and this will be her first time to visit with me out here!!

In other news, we have been getting ready to have my dad's Memorial Service.  My dad requested that we wait several months before having it, so that we can just celebrate his life, rather than be all emotional directly after his death.  So Walt and I are having the Memorial at a local Hotel where the family lives.  My daughter Christa is doing almost all of the footwork for us, as she lives there, while Walt and I live in Nevada.  She is also doing all of the photos, and slide show for us!!  I don't know what we would do without her help!!  Christa we love you!!  LOL  :)

Christa will be doing most of the cooking for the Memorial as well, although I will be making a large casserole to take with us.  This casserole will take me all day to prepare!!  But it is my mom's favorite.  Most of the food items we are having are foods that were my dad's favorites.  We will also be showing a ton of photos that we found of the family from his early days on.  And of course, at least one speaker talking about our favorite times with my dad.  And then the open mike where anyone can get up and talk about him.

Well, I am currently crocheting again.  In the past month and a half, I have made 2 more Afghans for my step son and his mom Carolyn.  And I am getting ready to make an Afghan for my grand daughter and grand son as well for their birthdays!!

And....I am getting ready to start painting again!  I have to admit that I am has been almost 3 years since I have painted, and I am terrified to start.  But I am sure that once I make that first mark on the canvas, I will be ok.

I have been looking at the painting that I was almost finished with....the one that I was painting for my step son Russ.  We were all so proud of it, but the more that I look at it, the more I know that I could do better!!  So I am going to restart on a fresh canvas, and see if I can do better.  If not, at least I have the old one to finish!! LOL

I have been doing pretty well with my weight loss.  I am almost down to my goal.  I am creeping up on it slowly but surely...I am about 14-15 pounds away from my goal.  I love it, I can now go in and purchase clothes from a regular store!!  Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don't need to purchase something from the Women's shop either!!  Some of their tops just don't fit right anymore.  The problem that I have is that my chest is still larger than I would like.  I have lost there, but not enough to suit me.  So some tops, if they fit right in the chest, is too large in the lower portion, or if it fits in the lower portion, it is a little snug in the chest!!  So boobs, come on and get with it!!  I want to lose there too!!  LOL  I have included some photos that was taken about a month ago, while I was visiting my family in California.  These photos are with my daughter Christa and the grand kids, and since then, I have lost a couple more pounds.

Oh well,  I guess I better go for now, so much to do!!  So....till next time....

Aloha My Friends :)


TracyZ said...

You are looking amazing! Congratulations on being so close to your goal :)

Anonymous said...

Debi - double wow, you look terrific! So slim. I'm so pleased for you. Another 15 lbs? You'll disappear! So glad life is looking good for you, hope the hips get sorted soon too.

Debi said...

Thank you Caroline!! I am now only about 13.5 lbs from my goal of 140 lbs!! But I am really happy with my weight loss so far! I wish that I had done the Gastric Bypass the first time....Oh well!

I will find out next week about my left Hip, whether it is bad enough for Surgery as well or not! I will keep you posted! :)

Dinnerland said...

Debi-- I just saw the news about your dad, I am so sorry.
On a brighter note... congrats on your success with bypass surgery. Wonderful news!!! Doing great.